Welcome to Pipeguard project website

- A project funded by the European Commission -

Welcome to the website of the PIPEGUARD project - a project funded by the European Commission by the Seventh Framework Programme.
The Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7) is the European Union"s chief instrument for funding research over the period 2007 to 2013. It bundles all research-related EU initiatives together under a common roof playing a crucial role in reaching the goals of growth, competitiveness and employment.

PIPEGUARD is a two year running EU project in the Seventh Framework Programme with a total of 7 Partners, coordinated by the Fraunhofer Society, one of Europe"s leading organisations in the field of applied research, development and consulting.

Focus of the PIPEGUARD project is the development of a novel technology for sewerage mapping, inspection and cleaning with integrated real-time self-audit capability.